Yuneec Q500 Typhoon RTF Kit 1080p HD Quadcopter Drone with CGO SteadyGrip Handheld Stabilizer Included


Yuneec Q500 Typhoon RTF 1080p HD Quadcopter Drone and CGO SteadyGrip Handheld Stabilizer Kit The best value for a video production drone/quadcopter with a high definition camera that can be LCD video monitored right in your hand. Perfect for newsgathering, sports video and field production! Order one for every camera person on your crew. The Q500 Typhoon is a complete quadcopter drone aerial videography (APV) system. The Typhoon delivers silky smooth video performance and an intuitive flying experience for superior imagery typically found in copters twice the price. Its high definition CGO2 GB combines the 12 megapixel, 1080p/60FPS camera and 3-axis brushless gimbal providing steady aerial video and still images in vivid detail. The system arrives 100% factory-assembled and test flown including the innovative 3-axis CGO2-GB that records full HD 1080p (60, 50 or 48 fps) video and takes 12 megapixel still photos. And the built-in digital video downlink delivers streaming video that can be viewed right on the screen of the included ST10 transmitter and Personal Ground Station. With the Q500 it’s never been easier to capture amazing photographs and video footage for a wide variety of uses. Follow Me – The Q500 Typhoon has a unqiue feature videographers and directors of photography will love. “Follow Me” adjusts its location to the location of the ST10 ground station. The ST10 personal ground station is a 10-channel 2.4GHz RC transmitter that supports a 5.8GHz video downlink that delivers streaming video to the built-in screen of the transmitter. The Q500 System includes the aircraft, a 1080P HD camera, a CGO2-GB 3 axis precision gimbal, the ST10 personal ground station, 2 batteries, a charger and an 8GB micro SD card. The YUN-Q500-STEADY Kit also includes the CGO SteadyGrip Handheld Stabilizer. Additionally, there are a number of accessories including a sun shade, car charger, USB adapter/charger and an extra set of 4 rotors.